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Oh, you're a Bank!


The Commercial Bank of Australia in Swansea was the first of it's kind on The East Coast of Tasmania.

In 1920 the site started construction and in 1921 the first manager was appointed and it officially opened!

The bank was operational until the 1940's.

From the roaring 40's to the hip 70's this stunning building was a private home to many a Swansea family - you will see little notes of this through the venue!

After this is was a antique shop, then a rug shop and then finally a restaurant.

The wonderful Subi & Helen (Farm Shed) created a wonderful space for the community with beautiful produce.

John and Lee Bailey then put his unique spin on it & then followed Jenette Vos.

In 2016 Ruth and Phil created Tellers, an East Coast wine bar with a funky feel!

Now in 2023 we (Luke & Kelsey) are excited to show off Tasmania's best produce in a Wine & Cocktail bar that also has a 'Tasmanian Tapas' Menu.


Want to know more? Get in touch!

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